We can feel it, the drive, the life force, the thing that keeps all us living things moving. We can feel that urge to reproduce, to create new life. Of course that life force is so much part of the fabric of us as living things, so strong, it is easy to mistake. Yet it is there, and it is expressed. It is made physical in the rockets and spacecraft that bring life, and the things of life, to the moon and other planets. But before that it was expressed in ideas—stories—about life beyond this planet, ideas about us going to the moon, expressed in the desire to understand where we are in the universe. This force, that makes life—living things—teem and multiply and change and adapt and colonise new places, has brought us to this point. That is the drive that we all can feel—what Earth wants.

Usually, if we see a wasps nest we do not think of it as a ‘wasp made’ structure—separate from nature. Yet this is precisely what we humans do when we look at our own homes and the tools we use. So if a wasp’s nest, or a spider’s trap, need not be separate from nature then neither should our home, or our spacecraft. Something that is part of the natural life of this Earth has gone to Mars. It did not just go, it was sent.

Forget for a moment how wonderful we humans are, forget that we are the centre of everything, and think about that. The planet we live on, that we are part of, has reached out to another planet. Life has developed a means of making the jump between planets.

When you see the ‘what’ it becomes easier comprehend the ‘why’. That primal urge to reproduce is there in all of us.

Earth wants to reproduce—to bring another planet to life

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