If I think of Earth as a single living creature, then I am part of that creature. My thought is its thought. So my being aware of the Earth as a creature is the same as the Earth being self aware. My being aware of the Earth as a single living creature means that it is creature with both the drive to reproduce and a mind.

All our human communication, our sharing of information and ideas is natural. Collectively it is evolving into a mind for the planet. Make no mistake that the driving force is life, not technology. The machines we build to process information and communicate over great distances are no more than tools. Like a stone picked up by an otter to break open a shell. They serve life.

To be clear this is not intended as a metaphor. Nor is it a claim that the planet is a god, or for some collective universal unconscious. Neither is it a joke.

Earth is only now evolving a conscious mind, but it already has a purpose and direction.

Seamus McGrenery